Shopping Cart Software

There are many ways of making money online. You could perform freelance jobs or sell your stuff on eBay. If you have a readily available product line or seeking to expand your existing business into the web, opening your own online store is always a great option. It used to be quite a hassle to open your very own website and creating an online store. Now, its just easy peasy with the availability of a wide varieties of ecommerce software and shopping cart software.

Ashop Commerce is one of them and provides shopping cart softwares that are flexible and very easy to setup, even for novice users. Customers will have a complete operational storefront with a web based store administration. Aside from easy set-up, their shopping cart software has features such as inventory control, customizable layout and design, shopping cart payment gateway setup, real time shipping methods, sales analysis functions and much more. In addition, you will get free technical support (phone, email, online chat) which is an important aspect during a purchase consideration.

They currently provide a 10-day free trial, with no credit card required. So if you are looking to own an online store, give Ashop Commerce a try.

Google PageRank Update

I’ve had this blog for about 6 months now but heck … my google pagerank is still a fumbling zero kosong zilch lingdan 00….

I’ve tried my hands at a little bit of SEO but with the yet zero PR, how else can i climb up the PR ladder? Maybe i need a ladder rack. My alexa ranking is rising steadily and perhaps better than some sites with higher PR, but I have been anxiously waiting for the next PR update and as of now, my hopes are still just hopes. Reports online said that the anticipated Google PR Update is one of the longest delayed ever to date. But i read at 5xmom that apparently the PR for some of her blogs have moved – decreased by a level actually and so did some of her blog buddies. So does that mean Google has started to move its PR engine?

About a month back, i tried this future PR forecast tool and guess what, i was super duper happy when the page displayed that this blog WWW.KIREISAN.COM is expected to pick up a PR of 4. That means more chances for me to score the big fish at PPP, SponsoredReviews, TextLinkAds and ReviewMe. But its just a forecast and that means it isn’t totally accurate.


Making Money Online Experience + Free Make Money Online Ebook

When I was first introduced to blogs a few years ago and became an avid blog reader (before plunging into the blogging world), I was surprise and intrigued at how open people can be about their lives. Then, I got to know that there were just so many ‘gurus’ or great people who amazingly makes money online just by blogging or having Adsense or Adwords or writing reviews on their blogs/ websites. One local ‘auntie’ blogger that I came to know, who hailed from Penang, was earning a few thousands in US dollars a month from her blogs. She was a jobless loving mom and housewife but earning a few Gs just from writing? How cool is that?


And then it hit me, I wanted to make money online as well. I started with a free blog from WordPress and later on decided to go with my own self hosted wordpress blog, with a help from a friend. I signed up for review writing / ad sites such as PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews and etc, and soon enough I did started making money online. No millions or thousands for me of course as I was just a newbie. But I could rack up more than $100 a month at some point. It was a great feeling being able to earn a little cash just by writing reviews. It wasn’t easy though as you still need to work. Google pagerank (PR) was so important at that time and I even had a PR3. Then Google became rigid and ‘messed’ up the whole PR system, and even high PR blogs had their PR decreased and I lost mine. Then the review writings opportunities slowly depleted or there was just too many competitions (heck everyone wants to make money blogging, not just me !)

Then I moved to a whole different place in the country and I eventually was too occupied or lazy to update my blog and I seriously need to work on my site traffic and SEO. I’m planning to pick up blog writing again with regular updates.

Anyway, I got to know of John Chow when I was blogging and he is one jackpot machine. He is making as much as $27,000 a month from his blog. Good job! Just wanted to share with you his ebook titled “Make Money Online with John Chow dot com”. I have just started to read his book, so I cant comment anything but i’m pretty sure its worthwhile.

Happy Reading and Making Money !